Verse 0042


in the United States
we just “completed”
midterm elections
and coming up to the election
my Facebook profile picture looked like this

’cause I vote
(and that was a part of my lady’s campaign)

I’m unaffiliated
lean to the left
and (I believe) vote for the interests of others
not myself

in other words
I’m confident enough
(or arrogant enough)
((or some mixture of both))
to be unconcerned about who’s in office

don’t get me wrong
I’m not apathetic
not (too) naive
I care about who’s in office
I’m just not ‘concerned’ if it is or isn’t “my” candidate
-or candidates-
the work doesn’t change – regardless

so I vote for who I think will make good policy
for those who are struggling
those who need a (real) hand
in this country
and beyond the borders

at least I hope that’s what I’m doing…

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Verse 0041


I start this post
sitting in the LAX United Club
(ooh, que fancy!)

I travel a decent amount
for work, pleasure, and music
(in no particular order)

on this particular occasion
I felt like sharing thoughts
with you

there’s typically an inspiration
something strikes my interest
my thinking
and I come to the decision to share
share my thinking/experiences
with you
(like you care) 😉

anyway, this moment’s inspiration?
the one & only G.O.A.T.
LL Cool J


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Verse 0039



I was going to tap out (type)…
there’s a lot going on

Robin Williams
Hurricanes on Catalina Island
Boots Riley and The Coup

on & on & on…

but y’all already knew that

some of the “lot” that’s going on in my world
(several items not listed)
can’t possibly match the lot going on in your world

I get it

still, there is some connection
amongst us all
and I’m hoping that in that connection
I can find some
in the heat of it all…

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