Verse 0059

I wrote #58 some time ago…and “published” it much later – over a year
who loves tech?
did not even realize it wasn’t live until 03/24/19
the day I decided to start working on


not long after we released V//
and shared it live on stage
we went silent…

no fanfare
no more interviews
no shows
oh how enjoyable this music life
the highs and lows

thru Apr, May, June, July, Aug, September

enough time to
not do “band”
and dwell on why V// felt like a downer
think upon why no one was calling
argue internally about why not enough “public” seemed to care
try and figure how to do more effective business-ing
and most importantly


so RE:VOLTAGE got born
dreamed up as a return to the core
when times were(n’t) simpler
pitched as a battle between mm:mm and PV3RS3
a war – of sorts
your advancing style versus my advancing style
and at the same time
like we used to do

it’s a good remedy
to anger
to pain
to frustration
to weariness


though be careful of your wake
folks not included on the journey
get dashed and thrown
and if you don’t deal properly
in good faith
don’t “manage”
which we always must do
team members leave the camp

ex: Tisha Paradis

I take some of the burden (blame)
which I believe each “side” should do
in any
and all conflicts
better communication
more attuned senses
mastering and using
more tools
ask more questions
assume less
dwell in solution finding…just dwell in it
and know
if even that all occurs
the outcome may be the same
as if you did nothing
-ingest that


read that
you do know that I am a fan
of the Wu-Tang Clan
good book
good read
inspired me
    to consider
writing a book of my own
not to imply
I could write a book like U-God…or anyone else
but perhaps
I might be able to tell a good story about my life events (or a few)

The Red Staircase--K. Vollack

reading this
you may not know that I am a fan
of books that are fiction AND reference real events
AND do that well

just as an aside
I have been taking piano lessons at the Colorado School of Music in Golden
peace to Sydney
and Caroline Browning (now in Nashville, TN)
and now
Kirk Vollack – the co-owner
my current instructor
great pianist
and the author of The Red Staircase

The Stand--S. King

also reading this
Dr. Mario Saldana is a big fan of Stephen King
told me…
    not that I am not a fan of Stephen King
    just haven’t read his books
that if I wanted to read some of his books
I should start with The Stand

humans are strange
occupants of this planet
most probably the weakest of beings
we aren’t the longest living
we aren’t the strongest
we aren’t the fastest
(almost) every single other being on this planet
goes through life
with exactly and only what it’s born with
no clothes
no money
no transportation assistance
no communication devices
and all other beings
seem to do just fine
we stay out of their way
no oil spills
no garbage dumps
no synthesized chemicals
no concrete dams
no power lines or power plants
and us
   and I am firmly of the “us”
could go how long
without power?
without clothes?
those of us
who could survive the best
and the longest
without those two (power, clothes)
are those that live with the least of both
so those of us
who live in the “most advanced” areas
are most likely
the most fragile of beings on this planet
-ingest that

check out the Reverb And The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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