Verse 0058


heard of udemy?
thanks to Business Insider I got wind of udemy
online courses
(for cheap)
and happened upon a course
“Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer” taught by Shani Raja
(we’re three courses in)
course #3? (Economy)
from that I learned (or understood) that power in words can be generated – by using less
a bit different from my approach to lyric writing
(a bit the same from my approach to lyric writing)
don’t waste words
think hard about the effectiveness of EACH word
and this verse, is dedicated to that…

Reverb And The Verse May Just Not Care

Reverb And The Verse perform at Syntax Physic Opera

By Eric Brooks

When did Reverb And The Verse (R&TV) stop caring? A better question might be, did R&TV ever really care? The world has not changed much since the musical outfit formed in a large house in a small, north of Denver, suburban town. There was a millennium change, September 11 attacks, a child, marriages, a Black US President, Michael Jackson died, David Bowie died, and Prince died. Through it all, the earth continued to orbit the sun, perhaps its surface a little warmer than before, and R&TV dropped seven albums. Who cares?
   R&TV is “diverse”. A musical conglomerate of two Black men, two White men, and a Latina. “Diversity” is a buzz word today (2017) and has been for some time. Its importance is gaining momentum. However, the impact of diversity has always been paramount, throughout history, and especially in music. A bass guitar is different from a piano, and different from a drum kit, and we applaud that. To create a song worthy of attention, one that moves, inspires, and is felt deeply, the composer must embrace differences, change, “diversity.” We expect a diverse set of instruments in music. In this context, no one has to convince us that diversity is “good”.
   Providence “The Verse” (one of the Black men) and Shane (one of the White men) formed R&TV in a basement, maybe out of boredom and a speck of creativity (and some scattered dreams). There was no plan for ‘diversity’ and few expectations on where composing music would lead them. They enjoyed making music and had talent to make music. Their individual skill sets, developed through their distinct backgrounds and experiences, meddled together – not like a melting pot – more like a pot of gumbo, to create a new genre, or perhaps a non-genre of music, still yet to be fully labeled. Life should be like this.
   Instead, in this case, life does not imitate art. Differences amongst people are not viewed as the vital instruments necessary to produce spectacular musical arrangements. Differences amongst people are viewed, at best, with skepticism, at worst, with fear and anger. It is as if we believe, as a society, we can compose beautiful harmonies with a myriad of the same instruments playing the same notes. Even the most novice of musicians know better than that. Yet, we all know, life is not like this. An instrument is rational, people are not.
   It is within this reality, this paradox, that R&TV finds itself. Moved by the idea that music can bring solutions to societal problems and stymied by the fact that music seems unable to solve problems within society.

check out the Reverb And The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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