Verse 0057

within the turmoil that we feel
we still

release music…

we got press
 (major press)
 (legitimate press)
Westword meets R&TV (again)

we know
have always known
 (have always believed)
that the music
comes first

before the interviews
before the recognition out in the “streets”
before the websites
  social media sites
before the lights
even before the performance
  the live show
there is the music
the art…
the creating something
from what wasn’t there before

that’s the challenge
that’s the goal
that’s the release
that’s the triumph

those that create anything
(with passion)
must feel that

and of course
is an interesting word
probably a bit too self-serving

maybe we just
build upon

a concert violinist rarely makes his/her own violin
(they just make sound with it)
and even if they did craft their own instrument
where did the materials come from?

a builder builds a house
a computer scientist codes
a dancer dances
all ‘creating’ new and different outcomes
while using materials, hardware, buildings, etc. created by others
who developed those items from what was naturally occurring
on this earth

we build upon what is already around us…

none of us are different in that way

Kamasi Washington - The Epic
   Avey got me that

and so while we are thrilled
to be interviewed by Westword
I think back to those first sessions as R&TV
before we even named ourselves
starting with just some scattered ideas
lots of big time dreams
putting together the compositions
writing the lyrics
designing the thing
verse by verse
line by line
man, we think we might have something
 (to share)
(who might care?)

Adrian Miller book launch

The President’s Kitchen Cabinet by Adrian Miller
The President's Kitchen Cabinet

through it all
we WANTED to be interviewed by Westword
we never truly had a good plan to accomplish that goal
just assumed if we kept at it
made (good) music
worked the connections
it would happen
(maybe we were right in our assumptions)

we’ve got some other ill-planned goals ahead
(maybe we’ll hit those too)

where were you
on 02.14

on that day we learned :
Michael Flynn resigned
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the White House
Ibi Zoboi released American Street
Reverb And The Verse released V//

some of that makes me feel good…

perhaps like me
you’ve been struggling with

I ain’t no social media activist
(though I do sign a fair share of online petitions)
I don’t give rousing speeches
(who’d listen if I did?)
I’d like to work hard at promoting this music
(this stuff is from the heart)
I don’t want to imply I have the weight of the world
on my shoulders
but how can I promote self
push for fame and glory
when we, as a community, ain’t whole
(you feel me?)

   (just breakin’ up the flow)

this whole thing
got me thinking
about (today’s) activism
and how
to be the most strategic/effective
how to fit it all in
in all that has to be done
I’m not looking for an easy way
(I hope)
I’m seeking impact
more than ever I’m thinking about policy
I’m thinking about messaging
reaching the ‘lowest common denominator’
while staying above the fray
(cheesy poetic, but nails it)
I need to learn
we have to learn
there’s a game afoot
I’d like to break the rules
(gotta know ’em first)


good app
I recommend it
check it out

now, let’s go build upon something…

check out the Reverb And The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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