Verse 0056

don’t believe the hype!

I cannot speak for the world
(good thing)
I cannot even speak for all of us
in the US
(though I may attempt it)
so consider these letters
~that form words
~that make phrases
~that build paragraphs
(peace Brother J / X Clan)
with the proverbial
“grain of salt”

question: who is profiting from our misery?

almost every single leading headline
perhaps you’ve noticed this
-or have noticed this for quite some time-
though right now it does feel different
from Trump to Hillary
alt right to Jill Stein
“black on black” crime (a myth…crime is crime)
Lochte, Kaepernick
what’s trending on Twitter?
how many “friends” do we remove from Facebook
because of what they deem appropriate to share?
these “United” States
don’t seem to be too united
(not sure they ever were)
and through it all
I’m convinced
it isn’t even close to as bad as it feels/seems…

someone(s) is pushing this story
this “narrative”
(which is one of the buzzwords of the day that’s like nails on a chalkboard to me)
and like Stevie Wonder said some time ago

is “media” dumbing us down?
numbing us down?
if so, then the question is: why?
my feeble mind
comes up with one answer:


who is profiting from our misery?

certainly, not ALL media
pushes ignorance
us vs. them

I think I’ll have to be deliberate
put my mind
& my money
to those media entities
that I find
and/or, at least, educational

like (off the top of my head):

I should read that more…
it’s majority owned by 21st Century Fox – NASDAQ: FOXA
(these webs are TANGLED)
I tell you this
before I subscribe, I should invest

I do like

and learn from it
still, it doesn’t tend to highlight “the best” of us
as a society
and I crave that!
I shall have to request/demand more from it…
it’s owned by Univision
probably should invest – NYSE: UVN

as I’ve pitched before

owned by Axel Springer SE – non-US
(it’s obvious to me I need to know more about investing, in general)

how about

owned by Atlantic Media (privately held)


owned by Gawker Media – you know that story
so probably going to continue under Univision

I am open to your ideas of ‘more’

let’s learn together
and do our parts
to hold us together
to hold us accountable
to shine the light as strongly on the “good”
as the “bad”
still, ain’t no one said that #woke
means ONLY seeing/understanding the wrong


(so much to learn…so much to do)

check out the Reverb and The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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