Verse 0055

when did I learn the gods were not immortal?

in the end
we must all transition
even the gods
even the immortals
those larger than life
those that turn our heads
those that we raise our eyes to
those that ‘move the dial’
those that leave a legacy

damn 2016

it has happened before
and if this world spins on
(with us on it)
it shall happen again

all of the immortals
will move on
even those forged out of pure steel
with iron lungs
and nuclear energy
running through their veins

the ones that could do no wrong
and were flawed
every minute
of every day
and at some, finite moments
were perfect

I’d like to be perfect
even for a moment

this 2016 got me thinking back
poetically (I suppose)
I’ve got 44 under the belt
long/not long
and in that time
a lot of us have passed on
so many
and of course
there are many more to come
me among them
and yes, it’s scary
though, I want to be fearless
looking back
I think there was a time
when I had heroes
and I believed my heroes were gods
and the gods were immortal
and I’m wondering when that changed…

RIP Champ

check out the Reverb and The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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