Verse 0054


who’s with me?

in my alter-ego
and some time ago
I studied
worked in
aerospace engineering

big whoop

who really cares about that?

I lay that past life out
to illuminate

Office Space

“…we don’t have a lot of time on this earth! We weren’t meant to spend it this way. Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day…”

(just happened to have Office Space on…still, it is apropos)

work can suck
(if you let it)

how do we not let work suck?
1. understand who you’re working for
(psst, yourself & your family)
2. keep your expenses down
(little to no debt)
3. have interests beyond ‘work’
(hobbies, passions)
4. learn and know your worth
(temet nosce)
5. keep it in perspective
(at the minimum, don’t we have music?)

I dig those little lists
floating around the interwebs these days

I’ll take a tip or two
here and there

try this out:
How Do You Spot A Nonconformist?

“…I ain’t no teacher
I’m a learner
and what I’ve learned
I gotta keep sharing
tearing rules up
so much
they call us unruly…’

Business Insider Video

expanding on number 5
and in keeping with the initial thought
in the verse
studying and working in the aerospace field
helped expand
my perspective

I’m delving into the philosophical

we are strikingly small
compared to the universe
we are strikingly large
compared to our internal cells

so, when we’re feeling too big
we should think on that
and when we’re feeling too small
we should think on that

there is more going on around us
and inside of us
than we could ever hope to know

why so serious?

on the radio
I heard an interviewee
reference Jim Foley
I vaguely remembered the name
wasn’t sure why
looked it up today

don’t know
will never know
don’t ever wish to know
how we can do that to each other


I was thinking about that word
I was also thinking about an opposite to that word
and not ‘humanize’
something like ‘inhumanize’

I understand the concept of dehumanization
I think
we do that often
to those we are afraid of
our ‘enemies’

and in thinking that
I thought about
what we do for those we idolize
our “heroes”
we tend to over-humanize them
allow them to become superheroes
of sort
beyond us
as if they don’t have
 bad hair days
 upset stomachs
etc. etc.
all the ‘negatives’ we think
just affect us

I’m trying
not to do either…

check out the Reverb and The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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