Verse 0053

regarding the radio…
what do you like to listen to?

in the INF
(that’s my personal acronym for my Infiniti
 & it’s not lost on me the irony
 of shortening a word that describes the antithesis of short)
I have SiriusXM
it’s cool
it’s another ‘thing’
I do the presets on
 154 (newly discovered…trying it out)
I rarely listen to new music on it
I dig the talk, mostly
ridiculous? for a ‘musician’ to shun music on the radio?
I dig the talk
and when the spirit moves me
I’ll turn to 123
Public Radio Exchange

got a minute?
check out this link: JazzStories: Wynton Marsalis
(you don’t need XM to listen!)

“For me I always grew up watching my father and other jazz musicians, they never played for that many people, they were always struggling. They didn’t make any money…”

we can relate, Wynton!
I mean, Reverb And The Verse aren’t “struggling”
I know what that means
we know not playing for many people
we know not making money
and I know
~at least partly~
why we keep at it
-we’re stubborn
-Shane is a machine who can’t stop making music
-we love it
-we dream
-it’s addictive
-it’s our habit
-we have ~at least partly~ talent
-(we STILL dream)

if nothing else
maybe our kids will make it big

Kareem: Minority of One - HBO
for us, who love basketball
have a few decades under the belt
Kareem is a living legend
a giant of a man
a rebel
at least in my mind
how much do we/can we really know
about those we see on TV?
then again
how much do we/can we really know
about those we see on a regular basis?

so I’ll let the legend
and keep a firm grasp of reality
I suppose we all should do that

This common mental error leads to misguided thinking

as a send off
orbiting one of the flavors
I have some passion around:
improving me
 (or at least trying to better understand me)
I came across illusory correlation
and I can dig it
on two levels
1. how to recognize and avoid it
2. how to use it to one’s advantage

“make lasting memories for someone…”

check out the Reverb and The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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