Verse 0052

on 3/25/2013
I started this thing…
these ‘VERSES’
an exercise in content delivery
a means to share thoughts
with Reverb And The Verse
the music!
as the sun
in this little solar system
(the center point)
with/out delusions of grandeur
with (ideas of) sustained energy
to spit out a verse
a week
is the number of the verse that would mark
one year
only needed around 146 weeks to hit it
(wonder what number I’ll need for 104…)

Little Rock Nine

on Martin Luther King Day 2016
January 18
Carlotta Walls Lanier
the author of A Mighty Long Way
youngest of the Little Rock Nine
spoke at my (current) 9-5
less than 60 years from today
armed men
led her and 8 others
to school

and there’s some of us
here today
who (loudly) proclaim
“Make America Great Again”
what does that statement mean to you?

check out the Reverb and The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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