Verse 0051

I keep feeling
more and more
each moment
there’s too much


and I don’t mean “you”
or “them”
I mean me…

how can I diminish
how can I embellish

does the very act of tapping out
this blog
sharing my thoughts
seek to enhance me
make me cooler

I suppose…

I am open to all ways
in existence and coming to existence
to dig past the simplicity
of the surface
that seems to put the vast lot of us
in a haze
slow us down
numb us
dumb us down
draw our attention to such inconsequential items
 the brand of clothes we wear
 the type of phone we use
 which social media site is best
 did I get a ‘like’
  a ‘favorite’
  a ‘retweet’
 did he/she/they follow me
 what make of car we drive
 which team we route for

it’s got me on some
break away from the “society”

and I don’t want to be
the complainer
the downer
the negative ned/nelly

I just KNOW we can be
 must be

(if we work together)

so – at least for the moment
I’ll attempt to provide less about me
and more about – anything else…

while I figure out what that ‘else’ is
tune you ears/eyes to this

check out the Reverb and The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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