Verse 0048


I started this
as an exercise
in content delivery
for Reverb And The Verse
-if you’re just catching on

the idea was/is
Reverb And The Verse
capture your attention
with a song
and you (like I would do in similar circumstances)
try to find more information about us
one thing you could/would find
is this blog

these verses from my mind
Providence “The Verse”

I don’t share my thoughts
on a regular schedule
despite all meaningful intentions
at the onset

still, when I do
it is my hope
that something of value
comes across

and at the same time
don’t forget
the genesis
of this
is music…

these days I find myself
drifting further and further away
from the so-called
rap/hip-hop music of today

I need more angles
more depth
more creativity
more art
than what I
is the hip-hop of today

and I find the further I drift
from the supposed ‘center’
of rap/hip-hop music
the harder I find it is
to find those new artists
or even the seasoned ones
and to grab their songs
to listen to
to enjoy
to share with you

the good thing
they are there
waiting for discovery

I’ll get to ’em…

found that article
this morning
of course it caught my eye
Malcolm X
my one take:
if the youth
or the aged
of those in between
are using Malcolm
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
for inspiration
and justification
of murder
and there’s no dancing around it
then they’ve completely
missed the power and legacy
of the man
and the greater mission

who follows up Malcolm X with Warren Buffett?
I love the idea of learning
learning about new things
and learning more about things I knew – at least something about
(or thought I knew)
like Warren Buffett
& Berkshire Hathaway
this morning, I read a fair portion
of the Annual Report of Berkshire Hathaway
it’s linked to the above photo
and I recommend reading it
at least starting on page 24
my one highlight
is one page 39
“penned” by Vice-Chairman Charlie Munger

(6) Berkshire’s Chairman would reserve only a few activities for himself.
(vii) His first priority would be reservation of much time for quiet reading and thinking, particularly that which might advance his determined learning, no matter how old he became…

think on that
matter of fact
act on that!

as my spinning thoughts
come to a close
for this particular verse
I found myself in a conversation
sparked by Malcolm Gladwell’s book
~of which I am now reading
and the idea of
-in the music world
we call it ‘sampling’
most especially in the rap/hip-hop world
feel free to review Gladwell’s take on said subject
(linked above)
and let it roll around your mind
as it may…

check out the Reverb and The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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