Verse 0047


did y’all miss me?

it has been a fair amount of days
since I’ve shared thoughts
with y’all
in those days
I trust you all have been well

in the midst of everything
it’s hard to know how we get anything done
in contemplation of it

Scott Adams on goals and passions

I dig the flavor

though I do think it is fine
even beneficial
to set goals
though without the “system”
the plan
the feedback
the assessment
we may all be floating
like those fancy mylar balloons

did I get too deep?

Music Beat
R&TV Tweet

you’ve just witnessed
a taste
of my daily

what’s yours?

oh yeah
tonight is Oscar night
never quite get into the pomp
though do try
to watch a few of the favorites for Best Picture
and the other films of note

saw Birdman
saw The Grand Budapest Hotel
heard an interview about Boyhood
haven’t seen Selma
not sure I will…

check out the Reverb and The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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