Verse 0045


let’s start of the New Year
with a look back…

perhaps y’all are like me
wanting to get some chill
needing some chill

and there might not be a better chill
than a French song
about the south of France
on the beach
(other than being in Biarritz)

2014 was some major ups
& downs
I mean…DANG

perhaps all years are like this
and I’ve just been more aware
this year
(which would be kinda cool)
or maybe this has just been an anomaly
regardless, I ain’t lookin’ back
with a pained expression
I’m looking forward
with a look of determination
always advancing
learning and applying
applying and learning

love growing/withering
money gained/lost
family evolving/passing
memories created/faded
experiences gained/missed
words said/unsaid

I took a look back through the calendar
Reviewing 365 days of stuff
To see what stuck out
Seems a meaningful journey…as I don’t chronicle my steps
Outside of entering items into the calendar:

January 1, 2014 — Playa Del Carmen/Cancun, Mexico – La Destilería
January 9 — “Inequality for All” Robert Reich film & talk – Colorado History Museum
February 4 — Aurora Academy Charter School – Black History Month Keynote Address
February 23 — Wine at Home Event – Emily and Aram’s
March 8 — Jessica & Cleveland wedding – New Orleans, LA
March 29 — Jen & Karl’s wedding – Denver, CO
March 29 — Keenan & Farah’s wedding – Denver, CO
April 6 — Brad Mehldau Trio – Boulder Theater
April 26 — #42
May 2 — Las Vegas, NV – Cosmopolitan Hotel
June 6 — R&TV at the Savoy, Denver
June 7 — Charles & Kharington wedding
June 21 — Denver Westword Music Showcase R&TV set – City Hall Amphitheatre
July 7 — Viejo San Juan – Puerto Rico
July 26 — Underground Music Showcase (UMS) Denver R&TV set – Blue Ice
August 10 — Grandmother Eleanor Wiggins passed
August 11 — Avalon, Catalina Island
September 6 — got engaged
September 22 — closed on a new house
October 17 — “The Frame” movie premier
October 24 — Los Angeles, CA
October 31 — San Jose, CA
November 29 — A Christmas Carol – Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA)
November 29 — R&TV set – Larimer Lounge
December 25 — Avey BDay
December 13 — Brother Sentwali passed

A grand snapshot
Without mentioning the greater national and international landscape

regardless of how far (or how deep)
I try to take this blog
the anchor is still
the music

in the tempest of our lives
the rising and falling
of our emotions
through calm seas
and violent tidal waves
we have music
and it is bountiful


Sonicbids…what do y’all think of it?
seems like an impressive
is it legitimate?
who has had some success as a ‘member’?
(and can you share some “best practices”)
we, “R&TV”, have made our soiree into Sonicbids
and I shall let you know
when/IF fruit springs

if I/we were to declare a New Year’s Resolution
it’d be something along the lines…
Teach Others How We Generated Success
…so this hinges on
a) having some measure of success
b) being able to quantify how this measure of success was obtained

that was one of the difficult things in ’14
– we earned spots in two of the biggest Denver festivals
– and had no idea how/why
and if you’re a bit of an analyst
like Shane and me
the unknown can be maddening

so in 2015 we’ll bear down
keep making music
and figure more things out

this may be an avenue
to help…

The Miews

as always
stay tuned

check out the Reverb and The Verse lyrics page here: Lyrics by #RATV

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