Verse 0032


Westword Music Showcase

2014 Westword Nominee

Best Hip-Hop Band


so, though we always endeavor
to keep it cool
(we’re pretty excited)

fresh off the release of Revenge I+II
we are honored with this Westword nomination

and the way I look at things
if we didn’t get excited
didn’t get even a bit giddy
didn’t feel honored
or privileged
we’re either deluded
or full of ourselves

and NO ONE calls us stupid…
(you see what I did there?)

did you all hear Blackmill – Let It Be?

probably so…I guess it was released three years ago
(where was I?)
but that’s one of the cool things about music

that is
IF you do it right
make music from an internal perspective
internal to external
making music from an external perspective
external to internal
(otherwise known as formula music or ‘pop’)

now because I’ve got some age on me
(or ‘experience’)
I have to be wary of being that old fogey
always bickering at the ‘young whippersnappers’
for diluting
the path that has been laid
(like I know what that path is)
but bottom line
I like what I like
& don’t like what I don’t like
and I whatever is massively popular
on the radio, TV, web, etc.
I tend to not like
(except for stuff that Pharrell does)

and of course WE want to massively popular

…and YOU wonder why musicians are insane?

How about a cleanse?

Three Day Cleanse & Detox

I did this last week…Monday-Wednesday
I dug it
I’ll do it more
Do you know why I liked it?
More green, less sugar
And I don’t know about you
But I think sugar is my enemy
And cutting back is a good thing
If you feel the same
Try it
(& pssst…even fruit, good ol’ Mother Nature, natural fruit
has sugar in it)

have you seen
The Grand Budapest Hotel
I liked it
interesting story
artistic film
good dialog
probably should read the book


my antennae are tuned
to racism
specifically racism directed at Black people
go figure…
and though I push and pull my own self
to be anti-sensationalist
unswayed by the ‘story of the day’ on the news media sites
I have the urge to comment on Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling
two individuals dominating the current U.S. news scene
(wonder how long?)
in terms of lifestyle, education, culture
these two are as different as
black and white
so why is it easy to link them together?
(that answer is yours to elucidate)
I think I strive on a regular basis
to increase my knowledge, my understanding
to broaden my thinking, my experiences
why not?
let me be plain…
I hate ignorance
I am drawn to
those two exhibit in full glory
the former
am I angry, appalled, astonished?
I’m aware
(and prepared)
you find the most ignorant amongst us
whether male/female/black/white/etc./etc.
I expect to be as far away from that
as universally possible
sorry Cliven, sorry Donald…
we’re on different galaxies
(wonder if they have the intelligence
to get to where we are?)

    Glass (ft. Tisha Luna) – Revenge I #4 2014

    I’m like sand when I’m around you
    You fire me up
    Turn me to glass
    And I didn’t even ask you to
    But that’s cool
    And now you see right through me, ooh
    And now you now why I never throw stones
    I’m protecting my bones
    From your words
    Your sticks
    Your nudging
    Your scent
    Your urging
    Your kiss
    And your seductive tricks
    Have I been stained? yes
    Am I in pane? yes
    But I’m not in a box
    or have been framed, so I’m dancing…

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