Verse 0031

welcome aboard my MIND TRAIN…


I thought I might share, along with a new musical treat that caught my ear:

(I’ve been listening for about a month and dig that Croquet Club style
and in finding that video for you (& me) I happened upon Majestic Casual )

those websites that happen to pique my attention these days…

why share?
why do you care?

I share because, it’s nice to share
you (might) care, because some of these sites you may like!

outside of Google News and ESPN which are frequent landing spots for my eyes

you may find me traversing the web content of:

Business Insider
tons upon tons of content covering a variety of topics – all with the flavor of business (yum, let’s get down to it)

<img src="” alt=”Stack” class=”aligncenter” />
great, compact articles on health and fitness for those of us who wanna get ripped
(and meaning not the pants when bending over)

Barking Up The Wrong Tree
very cool blog with many articles to help us improve us…

<img src="” alt=”Men’s Health” width=”645″ height=”403″ class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-1545″ />
you know the magazine, now go mobile with it

all women stalk
wonder if I’ll get any flak for this one…WHO CARES! great articles about us men & women. short, sweet, and to the point

and now I would appreciate knowing some of your favorite sites to visit…hit me in the comments!

    North (excerpt) – Revenge II – 2014
    …bring me in gently
    forever you tempt me
    I wish we could stay young in this moment
    my hands are like stone and I’m cold like I’m frozen apart from you
    every adventure
    every new vision
    every intention
    every decision
    I’m living for you…

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