Verse 0060

it’s not because of COVID-19 I write this
or is it?
what a worldwide cluster f&ck, no?
why whine though
do I even have the right?
do you even care?
so much destruction, so much fear
so much uncertainty
and yet some things still gotta move forward
like a new release


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Verse 0053

regarding the radio…
what do you like to listen to?

in the INF
(that’s my personal acronym for my Infiniti
 & it’s not lost on me the irony
 of shortening a word that describes the antithesis of short)
I have SiriusXM
it’s cool
it’s another ‘thing’
I do the presets on
 154 (newly discovered…trying it out)
I rarely listen to new music on it
I dig the talk, mostly
ridiculous? for a ‘musician’ to shun music on the radio?
I dig the talk
and when the spirit moves me
I’ll turn to 123
Public Radio Exchange

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Verse 0052

on 3/25/2013
I started this thing…
these ‘VERSES’
an exercise in content delivery
a means to share thoughts
with Reverb And The Verse
the music!
as the sun
in this little solar system
(the center point)
with/out delusions of grandeur
with (ideas of) sustained energy
to spit out a verse
a week
is the number of the verse that would mark
one year
only needed around 146 weeks to hit it
(wonder what number I’ll need for 104…)

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